Becky and Amy were waiting for their children outside of the library when they recoginized each others dialect and reached out. Over the course of a conversation they discovered that they shared the same hometown neighborhood. They were delighted by the coincidance and quickly became friends, bonding over a shared love of food, travel, and family.

For six years, they and their families worked together towards the shared ambition of opening their own restaurant. The chance finally came in 2022 when Becky and Amy discovered the opportunity to carry on Fountaingrove Deli.

Nestled within Fountaingrove Center on Round Barn Boulevard, Fountaingrove Deli provides convenient access to eats. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, or the comfort of a nice warm drink, Fountaingrove Deli is sure to have something for you. We cater to all and aim to provide food options for everyone so that they feel welcome and leave satisfied.