We have decided to close for the time being to evaluate the future of Fountaingrove Deli.

Like so many restaurants and businesses we have been working hard to stay open and serve Sonoma County throughout the continued struggles brought on by Covid, fires, inflation and staffing shortages. We will post any updates here as we have them.

I work up the road from Fountain Grove Deli and have been using them for 5+ years and they are always exceptional. Not only is there a huge selection of amazing lunch choices – they have options available for large group lunches from sandwiches to soups and salad that are incredible and at a great price. And if that is not good enough, they will even bring them TO YOU. So the food’s great, however the staff is even better. I was in the worst pickle at work forgetting to order lunch for a group of 11 and called the store last minute and was told to drive over (if I didn’t want to wait on them to drive it to me!) and they would have my meals ready by the time I got there. They knew I was in a panic and busted out 11 sandwiches is less than 15 minutes. Thanks so much for everything! PS. #10 add salami is THE BEST.

Brittany B.

Espresso Bar featuring Bella Rosa Coffee. Our milk options include; regular, nonfat, and non dairy alternatives.


Strawberry, Banana and Milk

Green Machine

Blueberries, Strawnerries, Bananasm Spinache and Almond Milk


Mango, Oranages, Bananas, Strawberries and Orange Juice

Protein Powder

Bananas, Vanilla powder, Peanut Butter and Milk

Our Story……

The Fountaingrove Deli first opened in 1995 by a local family. My husband James and I frequented the deli for breakfast and lunch as we both worked near by. Through the years we got to know the friendly owners and their family and always enjoyed our meals.

In the spring of 2018 James had heard that they were going to be selling the deli to retire. One afternoon there was an “ah-ha” moment and James said, “wait, why don’t we buy the deli?” From there we worked out the details and decided that I would leave my job and learn the ins and outs of the Fountaingrove Deli.

We officially took ownership October 1, 2018. James and I were both raised here and have always had a passion for supporting local small businesses so becoming part of that community was an easy choice and something we take tremendous pride in.

We are grateful and humbled by the support we’ve received since becoming owners of the Fountaingrove Deli and look forward to the years to come.

Delicious and do a great job. Affordable and sunny!

Larkin J. Avatar
Larkin J.

1 star ratingThis used to be a place that I would go to at least once a week. Well today will be... read more

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Kim S.

Outstanding owners and service!

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Verlynn Buttrey

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